CLC Institute - A Leading Name in NEET | IIT-JEE | Olympiad Coaching

HISTORY of 2023

CLC's legacy of excellence continues with remarkable achievements in 2023 Bhupendra Choudhary with 700 Marks (AIIMS Delhi), Devraj Yadav with 700 Marks with XII (MAMC Delhi), and Soumil Choudhary with 690 Marks With XII (MAMC Delhi) secured admissions to prestigious Colleges. IIT Triumphs: Jayant Mitawa, Pitamber Jagawat, and Manoj Saran earned their places in IIT Kanpur and IIT BHU. Collective Success: 1200+ CLCians admitted to medical colleges, and 100+ secured spots in top IITs and NITs.

HISTORY of 2022

In 2022, CLC continued its legacy of excellence. Ashish Gehlot's outstanding performance, securing 695 marks, led to admission in AIIMS Delhi. Vinita Kumari, with 690 marks, earned a place at MAMC Delhi. Seven students secured coveted spots in prestigious IITs. These achievements reflect CLC's commitment to academic brilliance.

HISTORY of 2021

Dream Comes True. First time in the History of "SHIKSANAGARI-SIKAR, 5 CLCians are Selected for AIIMS-Delhi Among them 3 are with XII & 2 are Fresher. 11 CLCians Captured Rank in First 5000 AIR of JEE (Advanced)

HISTORY of 2020

All Records are Broken by CLCian Mohit Arya Student of XII Foundation Scored 695 Marks in NEET 4 get First Rank is in his Category & Overall State Topper also 49 CLCians Captured the Rank in First 3000 AIR. Same as in JEE Division Nikhil Agarwal was JEE Topper of Sikar. 6 CLCians in TOP 2000 AIR in JEE (Advanced)

HISTORY of 2019

Record Breaking Year for CLC In every exam. Best Ranks from Sikar, Highest No. of selections everything. 500+ CLCians for MBBS, 150+ CLCians for IITs, NITs. 5 First Ranks in different categories, best Ranks in NEET, AIIMS, JEE, JIPMER. NEET AIR-130 and AIR-141, JEE AIR-351, AIIMS AIR-244, JIPMER AIR-105. The result from Foundation Course and Fresher Students startled everyone. 2 NTSE Selections and 6 STSE Selections with State Rank-3rd Once again proved the quality of CLC Pre-Foundation Course.

HISTORY of 2018

In 2018 CLC once again created history in NEET, JEE & AIIMS Results.. Every 10th CLCians are Selected in Govt. Medical College, IIT & NIT. 451 CLCians finally knocked the gate of various govt. Medical Colleges in India. Among the 33 are with XII . 107 Students finally get admission in various IITs & NITs in India. Virendra Choudhary secured AIR (Overall) 38 in NEET & AIR (Overall) 20 in AIIMS. Four First Ranks were captured by CLCians in NEET Sate Quota Result. 33 CLCians finally selected for KVPY & 2 Students selected in STSE from our Pre-Foundation course.

HISTORY of 2017

Throughout the session 2017 Team CLC and the CLCians worked single-mindedly on overtaking the achievements of 21 one years in one year (1 - 21). The outcome was marvelous. 11 CLCians from 12th Foundation were selected in KVPY. This happened for the first time in the coaching history of Sikar. 23 CLCians scored above 200 marks in JEE Main. 146 CLCians were selected in JEE Advanced under new leadership of CLC CEO Er. Sahil Choudhary. The Pre-Medical wing led by Er. Shrawan CLC created Miracles. 48 CLCians were Selected in AIIMS Pre-Medical Test. It was the highest number of selections from Sikar in AIIMS so far. Harish Kumar secured AIR-41 OBC. Again in NEET 10 CLCians secured Ranks in TOP AIR-100 OBC (Ranks 27,31,42,55,68,73,85,89,97 & 98). 67 CLCians scored 600 & above marks out of 720. CLC Foundation students Suman Choudhary got AIR 68 OBC with 92.20% in XII and Vandana Yadav got AIR 85 OBC with 95.20% in XII. Out of 422 Total selections 24 CLCians were selected with XII & 96 CLCians were selected in First Attempt after XII.

HISTORY of 2016

The tradition of First Ranks maintained once more. Rajan Choudhary secured 7th AIR OBC and 1st in state quota in NEET-2016 in First attempt. Renuka Paliwal selected through NEET with merit in 12th Board proved the quality of CLC Foundation Course. Around Five hundred students succeeded in reaching prestigious Medical Colleges, IITs and NITs all over India. The number of CLCians selected with 12th and as Fresher (First Attempt) was remarkable. 21 First Ranks in 21 years is an extra ordinary achievement.

HISTORY of 2015

Set a record of Highest Medicos from any coaching institute of Sikar. 20 students with XII, 60 Students selected for MBBS in First attempt (Fresher) and 12 CLCians for AIIMS were the unparalleled achievements. 127 selections in JEE Advanced, 7 CLCians Scoring above 300 Marks in BITSAT with many remarkable ranks in JEE Main were the glittering diamonds in CLC’s Maths Stream.

HISTORY of 2014

One more year of extra-ordinary achievements for CLCians. CLC’s Hemant Soni secured AIR 9th OBC & Kailash Bangarwa 11th OBC in AIPMT, the ever best Ranks from any institute of Sikar. One more diamond in the crown of CLC Harish Sharma secured First Rank in AFMC. CLC’s tradition of First Rank in RPMT continued as Subhita Kumari Topped in SC category. In JEE (Adv.) Jitendra Saran secured AIR 355 OBC whereas Ankush Thalia succeeded with AIR 1906 Gen., Lokesh Meena secured AIR 32 ST with XII 86.00% in JEE (Adv.) and Mahesh Yogi got 6th Rank in JEE Main. Chetan Kumar secured First Rank SC in ICAR. Hundreds of CLCians reached Govt. Medical Colleges, Top IITs & NITs all over India.

HISTORY of 2013

Once more CLCians maintained their glorious tradition of First Ranks. CLC’s Sunil Bishoni captured First Rank (State OBC) in NEET-2013. CLCians shone with splendor with 1,3 & 6 OBC, 2 & 4 ST and 1 PH & 10 SC Ranks in NEET with 43 Fresher Selections and 8 Selections with XII. In JEE (Advanced) CLCians captured 4 Ranks under 100 & 17 Ranks under 500. Mohit Khedaria from XII Foundation course shone with AIR 1174 Gen. & 318 Marks in BITSAT with 83% in XII Board. In JEE (Main) CLCians outshone others with First Rank (State SC) along with 3,4,15,34 (State OBC), 34 & 40 (Gen), 4 (SC) Ranks. 10 CLCians scored above 300 Marks in BITSAT-2013. With Two First Ranks & hundreds of selections CLCians proved themselves both Qualitatively & Quantitatively.

HISTORY of 2012

A new page in the history of IIT-JEE (for Shekhawati) was written by CLCians with 132 selections, the highest number in Shekhawati region. CLC’s Ramesh Kantawa got 18th OBC & Praveen Mawalia got 44th OBC Ranks in AIPMT.

HISTORY of 2011

CLCians captured 18th & 43rd Rank in IIT-JEE and made a new record in Shekhawati. In Pre-medical also the performance of CLCians was remarkable.

HISTORY of 2010

sThe Golden page of the History of RPMT was written by CLCians. All the First Ranks (Gen. Boys, Gen. Girls, OBC Boys, OBC Girls) along with OBC First Rank in AIIMS were captured by CLCians.

HISTORY of 2009

CLC Foundation Course students secured positions in Board Merit with Selection in IIT-JEE & AIEEE. This proved the uniqueness of CLC foundation course.

HISTORY of 2008

Once more First Rank (ST Girls) in RPMT and grand performance in IIT-JEE & AIEEE.

HISTORY of 2007

The new concept of Daily Test Series (DTS) for topic wise evaluation was introduced by CLC. The tradition of First Ranks in RPMT continued and RPMT Topper was a CLCian.

HISTORY of 2006

The Foundation Course a new platform for the preparation for IIT-JEE Continued to prove successful and a new record was created with 14th Rank in AIPMT with XII class.

HISTORY of 2005

This was a year of Historic achievements for CLC as Top Three Ranks [Gen. Boys, Gen. Girls & OBC Girls] in RPMT were captured by CLCians. CLC Ranked itself among the leading Institutes of Rajasthan for the coaching of Pre-Medical & Pre-Engineering.

HISTORY of 2004

sOnce more the First in RPMT (SC, ST boys) were CLCians. The new concept of XI & XII Foundation courses was successfully introduced by CLC with two of foundation course students Naresh & Vishal Gupta securing second and fourth positions in Rajasthan Board Merit along with selection for BITS.

HISTORY of 2003

Again CLCians were able to capture First Ranks in RPMT (SC & ST Boys).

HISTORY of 2002

With the blessing of Gurudev & the dedication of CLC Parivar the graph of success was reaching heights year by year. The monopoly of Kota was challenged as CLC captured the First rank in RPMT.

HISTORY of 2001

The hard work and dedicate efforts resulted in CLCian capturing the First Rank in RPMT (SCG)

HISTORY of 2000

The hard work and dedicate efforts resulted in CLCian Made Good Results

HISTORY of 1999

The hard-work & determination in spite of adverse conditions proved fruitful and CLCians Captured the First Ranks in RPMT & RPET (STB).

HISTORY of 1998

Sturggling Phase But we never compromise to our parameters & Journery continued on our mission.

HISTORY of 1997

Sturggling Phase But we never compromise to our parameters & Journery continued on our mission.

HISTORY of 1996

With the objective of “CLC ka sapana har gaon se Doctor/Engineer bane apana.” CLC was started with 10 students.