CLC Institute - A Leading Name in NEET | IIT-JEE | Olympiad Coaching

System and Administration

Scientifically modified Infrastructure with following basic amenities:

All Purpose Counters : These APCs provide first-hand information, when students and parents visit institute to collect their schedule, syllabus, performance and wards’ report.

Help Desk: If students have any problem in the campus or out of the campus, they can contact at help desk.

Biometric Attendance : To ensure the regular presence of students in classes, biometric attendance is must. Absent students are messaged at their home by text message on regular basis.

Air Conditioned Classrooms : Classrooms are centrally air conditioned to make the learning smooth and complacent.

Back-up Classes: Extra-classes for average students or for those, who miss the regular classes on genuine grounds with a prior approval, are arranged. Recovery classes are also arranged

Doubt Session: If some part of the subject is not clear to a student, he/ she can take extra guidance from the respective subject teachers in doubt clearing sessions so as to compensate and understand the missed topics.

Notification: All the relevant information such as results, date-sheet, pattern, eligibility criteria for appearing in NTSE/ Olympiads/ Medical/ Engineering Entrance Exams are provided well advance in time

Motivational Session & Medal Ceremony : Motivation Session by our director Er. Sharwan Choudhary is a unique feature in CLC. His experienced words generate a new energy in students… Medal ceremony for the toppers of periodic test is organized on regular basis by the name of “Sankalpotsav.”

Hostel: We provide Hostel facility also for needy and long distance students who wish to avail the same. Each hostel has healthy atmosphere for the students, who are far away from their parents to prepare themselves for Competitive exams.

Hygienic Canteen: We have separate eatery for students, where we provide various kinds of food stuff of better quality to boost their energy levels

Parents Meet : Every parent has a right to know the actual progress of his/her Ward. Time to time we organize parents meet to ensure the involvement of guardian in students success. In parents meet parents can meet teaching staff, management & Top administrati.

Study camp : Study camp is “Ramban” for students… CLC is the only coaching in India which has this facility.


Regular classes by experienced faculties:


Regular classes are the Back Bone of total academic system. Success needs regularity. Effective regular learning is the key to success.

CLC has highly qualified, experienced & topic specialist faculty members for each subject. The teachers do not restrict their teaching to classroom only but extend their full guidance to the students outside the classroom.

Problem Solving Counter

We are fully aware of the problems faced by each & every student. Hence problem solving Counters are made available where students can discuss their problems and get them sorted out with the help of able guidance and counseling from experts. Assistance is made available immediately no matter the nature or size of the problems.

Study Material


Unit-wise Modules (for NEET) and Worksheets (for JEE):

We provide result-oriented study material in the form of unit-wise Modules for NEET and Worksheets for JEE, meticulously designed to help students crack the NEET and JEE entrance exams with confidence. Our unit-wise Modules and Worksheets are prepared by a team of renowned academicians and experts with decades of experience in the field.

Each unit-wise Module or Worksheet is dedicated to a specific subject and is designed to be efficient and completely focused on exam preparation. Our study material follows a systematic approach, guiding students through each stage of their preparation and helping them analyze their own progress.

The study material includes topic-wise theory notes written in an interactive manner, explaining basic concepts in a classroom coaching style. These theory notes are supplemented with illustrations and examples to enhance understanding and reinforce learning.

Additionally, our Biology modules stand out with vibrant colored diagrams and illustrations, making the study of biology visually engaging and stimulating. These colored modules add an extra dimension to the learning experience, making complex biological concepts easier to comprehend.

Furthermore, our exercise sheets are meticulously crafted after thorough research and analysis of the latest examination patterns. These sheets contain a variety of practice questions, with the final exercise sheet including questions from previous years' NEET and JEE papers.

Test Series (TS)


Test Series is the biggest part to evaluate & monitoring the study of a student.

All tests are based on latest examination pattern.

(A) Periodic Minor Test : We provide a regular topic wise & module wise periodic minor test series. These tests aim at tracing the awareness of a student towards his/her aim during last 21 days and to evaluate the student’s overall performance. We provide a regular topic wise & module wise periodic minor test series. Schedule of Test for Each Batch is provided to students at the admission time.

(B) Review Test : To revise the earlier topics we conduct review test of each subject randomly.

(C) Mid Session Test Series : This test series is specially designed for XII foundation students for the revision of completed NEET/JEE syllabus. It starts just after completion of XII Foundation syllabus in November last. But now students of target course are also getting benefit from Mid Session TS... Because Maximum Revision makes maximum chance of success.

(D) Bio-Chem & Phy-Chem Test Series : This test series is specially designed for Biology & Chemistry Subject for the revision of completed NEET syllabus. Phy-Chem Test Series designed for revision of JEE syllabus. It starts in February for Target Course Students & Test Series Students

(E) Physics Echo Test Series : This test series is specially designed for NEET / JEE repeater students for the revision of completed Physics subject.

(F) DCM & DANGAL Test Series : “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. After the completion of syllabus we conduct Diamond Test Series followed by Major Test Series. Diamond Test Series consists of a single unit of each subject. This is a new approach and through this the student can revise the whole syllabus step by step (with single unit) & will step ahead to the aim which boosts the confidence & optimism to the zenith. Major Test Series consists of 3 & 4 unit of each subject.

(G) Test discussion & Analysis session : Our test series do not mean only a printed paper given to the students. It is fruitful only when it is analyzed after each & every test that what your strengths & weaknesses are we aim at providing a discussion & analysis series so that you can Find out your weaknesses & try to remove them.


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