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Step 1: Begin by addressing the head of the department or the principal of the college/university. Step 2: Provide your full name, course/program completed, and date of completion. Step 3: Mention the reason for requesting the leaving certificate and any other relevant information.

Career Line Coaching CLC has its main branch in Sikar, which is also known as Career Line Coaching (CLC Sikar).

Shrawan Choudhary and grandsons Sahil Choudhary and Samar Choudhary.

At CLC, we offer coaching for the most sought-after entrance examinations, including NEET (UG), JEE (Main & Advanced), Olympiads and NDA. Our comprehensive approach extends to Pre-Foundation classes (Class VI to X), Olympiads, school/board exams and beyond.

Both CLC and PCP have achieved commendable results in JEE, IIT, and NEET. PCP's performance is notable in both NEET and JEE-IIT. CLC excels in IIT-JEE but lags slightly behind in NEET results. PCP's consistency places it ahead in terms of JEE results.

To help meet the needs of each student, CLC's program provides a highly individualized educational program that is based on the scientifically validated procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
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“KARMASTHALI” Pandit Harinath Chaturvedi
Marg Piprali Road, Sikar, Rajasthan

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